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Sunday, 25 September 2011 15:48

A Guide to adding entries to Lagos List

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We will like to make it as painless as possible for you to add an entry on Lagos List. This is why we have provided this guide. We hope you find it useful and helpful. Help us build the biggest directory of Lagos, add an entry today. You can add your business or other businesses and services within your locality. You can add churches, schools, shops, hotels, repair workshops, etc. If you do not find an appropriate category for your entry, please inform us during this beta, we will like to hear from you.

The first step is to click on the Find & List Businesses link, on the left sidebar, to reveal some sub links, then click the Add an Entry sub link, to reveal the listing form. Note, you need to login, before you can list a business or organisation on Lagos List. This means you have to register with Lagos List first.

Add contact information

The first part of listing on Lagos List is to add contact information about the entry. The figure below shows the fields. You must not fill in all fields. However, fields with asterisk are compulsory, so if you do not have enough information to fill in the compulsory fields, you are not qualified to add the entry. Fill in the fields taking note of the notes below:

Lagos List contact  info


Title: The Name of the business or organisation

Business Overview: what does the business do? (60 characters Max)

Do you own or work for this organisation: If you are the owner of the listing or authorised to list it answer Yes. If you are listing just as a fan or customer, please select No

Street: Street Address of the entry. If the business has more than one branch in Lagos, please include the street address of the main office here. You can include more branches in the description field.

State: must be Lagos

Country: must be Nigeria

Phone numbers, email, website, contact person, hotline, etc, must belong to the organisation being listed not to the author of the entry, if you do not have the info, leave it blank.

Write a description

The description allows you to add detailed and useful information about the entry. You can list your products and services here. If the business has multiple locations in Lagos, you can include the other branches here. You can also add more phone numbers and any other information you may wish to add. The description will appear in the detailed view of the listing. You can format the look with the GUI buttons on the editor. If you want to format with HTML, click on the HTML button on the editor. HTML editing may not be supported by all browser.

Business Description  info Lagos List













Add Meta tags and logo

Here you will add the logo and some meta tags. These are not required, but adding them will only improve the performance and quality of your entry. The same image can serve as logo and icon. Our system will automatically resize your image to the right size. The Icon will appear in summary view, while the logo will appear in the detailed view of the entry. The meta description and meta keywords gives exposure to your listing. They increase the chances of your listing appearing on organic search in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Search, Ask, etc. See notes below

Lagos List Meta and logo form











Meta Keywords: List of keywords relevant to your business separated by comma. A keyword may be a phrase like buy shoes or single word like Books. Your keywords should be relevant to your entry. Enter keywords that people searching for the entry are most likely to use on search engines. Limit keywords to 10. Multiple word keywords should be limited to three words.

Meta Description: Describe the business in clear English in no more than 150 characters, including keywords that are relevant to the business or entry.

Adding your entry on Lagos List to a category

The most tricky part of adding an entry on Lagos List is to add the entry to categories. Our system allows you to add your entry to up to three free categories. To add to more than three categories, you will have to pay for it. However, during our beta period, you can add only to in the three free categories. Paid listing is not supported for now.

Lagos List Category













To understand our category system let us define the types of categories on Lagos List.


Lagos List Category structure

Home Categories: Home categories are the top most categories. They are the categories you find on our home page. This are categories that are initially visible in the entry form

Parent Category: These are categories that contain other categories (subcategories). Parent categories have a plus sign to the left when close like Internet and Mobile phones in the figure and minus sign when open like Shopping. To expand a parent category, click on the plus sign. This will take a while because it requires communication with the server to expand. So be patient.

Subcategories: A subcategory is a category that has a parent. A category can be both a parent category and a subcategory like Specialized shopping which is a parent to Art Galleries but a subcategory to Shopping.

Base Categories: A base category is a category with no subcategories. They do not have any plus or minus signs, like Art Shops and Shopping Malls above. As much as possible, you should list entries to base categories. An entry in a base category will also appear in its parent categories.

Adding the entry

To add the entry to a category click on the plus sign to expand parent categories, until you get to a base category most appropriate for the entry. Like we said earlier, be patient wait for the category to expand. When the appropriate base category is visible, click on its folder image, then click on the top button of the add/remove box shown below.



Lagos List Add-Remove boxThe top button adds the category you just clicked its folder image to your selection, while the bottom button removes the highlighted category from your selection. Clicking the bottom button as it is in this figure will remove Toys & Games Stores from your selection.





Add photos to your gallery

Add photos to your gallery. Do not forget to include a description of the photo you upload to your gallery.

Add photos to your gallery on Lagos List






Well you are almost done. All you need now is to accept our terms and conditions and click the send button. If all is well, you will receive a notification that your entry has been received and awaiting approval. Approval can take several hours or days. Lagos List reserves the right to decline approval to any listing that does not follow its guidelines. Lagos List also has the right to list your organisation in a category different from the on you chose. You will receive an email to your email box, if and when your listing is approved. Please check both inbox and bulk/spam box. You can view your entries by visiting the Lagos List website, click on Find & List Businesses, then click on My Listings. You must be logged in to view your listings on Lagos List.

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