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Saturday, 12 November 2011 23:20

Claiming a Listing on Lagos List

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If your business or organisation has already been listed on Lagos List, you do not need to list it again. You can just claim the listing. Claiming a listing will enable you edit its content to your own taste.

Anyone with enough information about a business or organisation can list it on the Lagos List online directory whether or not they are authorised by the organisation. At the same time we do not allow multiple entries of the same business or organisation. This means that if your business has been listed by another person (maybe a customer, unauthorised staff, or fan), you cannot list it again, even if the existing listing does not truly reflect your business.

However, you can claim the listing on Lagos List if you are an authorised personnel of the business or you are the owner. Just contact us via the appropriate form on our contact page.

To claim a listing on Lagos List, register a Lagos List account, then contact us via the contact page Claim Listing; option, stating your username and describing why you should be given control of the listing. Show that you are the owner or authorised by the owner to claim the listing. We will contact you if we need more information. Note that claiming a listing is free, so do not respond to anyone asking you to pay money to claim a listing on Lagos List.

Once we are satisfied with your claim, we will add you as the author of the listing, this will then give you control to modify or edit the listing as you deem fit. The original author will lose control to the listing. Note however that our admins can edit listings, but you will receive an email when this happens. You can contact us if you have any issues.

Claiming your listing will enable you update information like addresses, phone numbers, images, your products and services, ensuring that potential customers and clients get the most up to date information about your business.

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