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LagosList ...Lagos on the web

Easily find information and opportunities in Lagos. Locate businesses in Lagos, discover their products and services as well as offers, promos, deals, and even jobs. Have Lagos on your fingertips, find businesses, News, offers, deals, hotels, services, Gists, people, dates, accommodation, and organisations in Lagos and connect with other Lagosians at our forum.

Promote your Business

List your business and organisation free on the Lagos List Directory and make it easily accessible to people. Use the free classified Ads section to advertise your products and services as well as opportunities in your organisation.

Post Free Ads

Have an Information to share? Want to sell something, perhaps a car, a house, a phone, or any item. Looking for a date? Or are you just looking for a roommate or flatmate? You can post just about any advert at the Lagos List Marketplace. It is free. Sweet.

About Lagos List

LagosList is an information portal for the City for Excellence, Lagos. Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria is in need of a portal and Lagos List is that portal. Lagos List offers an online directory, where businesses and organisations located in Lagos can provide information about their products and services for easy access to Lagos residents and visitors.

Businesses, organisations, and individuals in Lagos can also take advantage of our free classified ads section called Lagos List Marketplace to promote their goods and services, Ads, Deals, offers post announcements and jobs, making all these information easily accessible to users. Lagos List also has a forum where residents of Lagos can discuss topical issues concerning the city.

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